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Download English Infanteria (RPA) - Isolated Existence (2013) [mp3@192] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 61.26 MB
Download English Wülfhook - The Impaler (2015) ak in Metal 107.27 MB
Download English Powerwolf.-.Blessed.and.Possessed.(Deluxe.Edition)2015 ak in Metal 136.95 MB
Download English Cain (USA) - The Ravaging (2015) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 89.22 MB
Download English Children Of October (USA) - The Risen Dead (2015) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal/Hardcore] in Metal 96.95 MB
Download English Nightshock (Ita) - Nightshock (2015) [mp3@320] [Speed/Thrash Metal] in Metal 70.13 MB
Download Spanish Mastifal (Arg) - Cultura Brutal (2015) [mp3@256] [Melodic Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 92.65 MB
Download English Brain Dance (Prt) - Inheritance (2015) [mp3@320] [Heavy/Thrash Metal] in Metal 102.40 MB
Download English Thrashless (Est) - Awaiting Rebirth (2012) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 79.70 MB
Download English Scaremonger (Idn) - Arbitrary Paradoxist (2015) [mp3@320] [Crossover/Thrash Metal] in Metal 53.62 MB
Download English Thrashless (Est) - Cult Of Fear (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 105.46 MB
Download English P.T.O.M.A. (Grc) - Shit Into Existence (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 66.39 MB
Download English Hëllvox (Arg) - The Killing Hand (2014) [mp3@320] [Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 113.09 MB
Download English Thrashless (Est) - Trip Of Death (2013) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 74.67 MB
Download Darchaic (Svk) - Bastardistan (2014) [mp3@320] [Melodic Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 75.78 MB
Download English Infest (Srb) - Cold Blood War (2014) [mp3@320] [Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 68.37 MB
Download English B.A.R.F. (Can) - Brûle, Consume, Torture (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal/Hardcore] in Metal 106.60 MB
Download English Kremated (UK) - Three Minute Warning (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 97.51 MB
Download English Blatant Disarray (USA) - The Harbinger (2014) [mp3@320] [Speed/Thrash Metal] in Metal 103.03 MB
Download English Blatant Disarray (USA) - Everyone Dies Alone (2010) [mp3@vbr] [Speed/Thrash Metal] in Metal 114.08 MB
Download Spanish No Guerra (Arg) - Discography (2010-2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal/Hardcore] in Metal 295.77 MB
Download English Dittohead (Blr) - Infected (2015) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 73.84 MB
Download English Bound By Fate (USA) - Steadfast (2015) [mp3@320] [Hard/Heavy//Thrash Metal] in Metal 60.31 MB
Download Polish Iscariota (Pol) - Historia życia (2015) [mp3@320] [Heavy/Thrash Metal] in Metal 92.24 MB
Download English FlameDrop (Hun) - Thoughts on Fire (2015) [mp3@320] [Melodic Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 122.34 MB
Download English Prowler (USA) - From The Shadows (2015) [mp3@320] [Heavy/Thrash Metal] in Metal 83.81 MB
Download Spanish Zero Tolerance (Chl) - Abismal (2014) [mp3@320] [Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 100.30 MB
Download English SiNN (USA) - Amongst Tempest Clouds (2014) [mp3@320] [Heavy/Thrash Metal] in Metal 113.85 MB
Download English Hollywood Rose And L.A. Guns - The Roots And The Seeds Of Guns N Roses (2009-2015) in Metal 264.61 MB
Download English Black Sabbath - Live Asbury Park [live-rock] 1975 (MP3-320) - [=Faith=] in Metal 230.72 MB
Download Doomsday Hymn (Bra) - Mene Tequel Ufarsim (2015) [mp3@320] [Groove/Thrash Metal] in Metal 106.80 MB
Download English Channel Zero (Bel) - Kill All Kings (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Groove Metal] in Metal 103.86 MB
Download English Delirium Tremens (Ger) - Read My Fist (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 95.10 MB
Download English Aura Of Pestilence (Fin) - Maximal Death Rate (2014) [mp3@320] [Black/Thrash Metal] in Metal 136.28 MB
Download English Nervosa (Bra) - Victim Of Yourself (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 118.43 MB
Download English Empatic (Pol) - Ruined Landscape (2014) [mp3@320] [Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 87.76 MB
Download English Septekh (Swe) - Plan For World Domination (2014) [mp3@320] [Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 138.24 MB
Download English Pyrophoric (Mex) - Visions From The Abyss (2014) [mp3@320] [Black/Thrash Metal] in Metal 92.21 MB
Download English Empatic (Pol) - Gods Of Thousand Souls (2010) [mp3@vbr] [Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 124.70 MB
Download English Skinner (USA) - Sleepwalkers (2014) [mp3@320] [Power/Thrash Metal] in Metal 105.73 MB
Download English Weak Aside (Ger) - The Next Offensive (2015) [mp3@320] [Death Metal] in Metal 99.60 MB
Download German Zanthropya Ex (Ger) - Hure Meiner Sinne (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Death Metal] in Metal 144.18 MB
Download English She Must Burn - Under The Shadows (EP) 2015 ak in Metal 50.36 MB
Download English Graveyard Shifters (Fin) - High Heels & Broken Bones (2015) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal/Crossover] in Metal 67.31 MB
Download English Stone Sour - Audio Secrecy (Deluxe Edition) (2010) AK in Metal 149.75 MB
Download English Skeletal Augury (Chn) - Victory Of The Holocaust (2009) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Black Metal] in Metal 85.65 MB
Download German Zanthropya Ex (Ger) - Notlösung Kopfschuss (2011) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Death Metal] in Metal 83.69 MB
Download English Meliah Rage (USA) - Warrior (2014) [mp3@320] [Power/Thrash Metal] in Metal 100.01 MB
Download English Tonic Breed (Nor) - Outsold (2014) [mp3@320] [Groove/Thrash Metal] in Metal 125.30 MB
Download English Voice Of Ruin (Sui) - Morning Wood (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Groove Metal] in Metal 107.09 MB
Download English Reactory (Ger) - Discography (2010-2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 203.46 MB
Download English Exit Smashed (Ger) - The Total Extent Of Pure Excess (2015) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 89.51 MB
Download English Symphony X - Underworld (2015) l Audio l Album Track l 320Kbps l CBR l MP3 l sn3h1t87 in Metal 147.51 MB
Download English Lamb Of God (USA) - VII: Sturm Und Drang (2015) [mp3@320] [Groove/Thrash Metal] in Metal 130.89 MB
Download English Crowbar.-.Discography. . 1991- 2011 320k mp3 ak in Metal 1.01 GB
Download English Curimus (Fin) - Artificial Revolution (2014) [mp3@320] [Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 115.88 MB
Download English Curimus (Fin) - Realization (2012) [mp3@320] [Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 80.20 MB
Download English Aevium (USA) - Sentimental (2014) [mp3@320] [Technical Thrash Metal] in Metal 100.41 MB
Download English Triumphant (Aut) - Herald The Unsung (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Black Metal] in Metal 93.70 MB
Download English Lamb.of.God.-.VII.Sturm.und.Drang.[Deluxe Edition) 2015 ak in Metal 130.87 MB
Download English Lamb of God - VII Sturm Und Drang [Deluxe Edition] (2015) l Audio l Album Track l 320Kbps l CBR l Mp3 l sn3h1t87 in Metal 130.90 MB
Download English Nocturnal Witch (Ger) - Summoning Hell (2014) [mp3@256] [Black/Thrash Metal] in Metal 65.90 MB
Download English Sights Of War (Can) - Annihilate To Survive (2014) [mp3@320] [Blackened Crust/Thrash Metal] in Metal 65.30 MB
Download English Black Anvil (USA) - Hail Death (2014) [mp3@320] [Black/Thrash Metal] in Metal 164.36 MB
Download English Black Magik (USA) - The Conjuring Of Three (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 82.34 MB
Download English Symphony X - Underworld 2015 ak in Metal 146.59 MB
Download English Survive The Demise (USA) - Born Of Slaughter (2014) [mp3@320] [Progressive/Thrash Metal] in Metal 88.67 MB
Download English The Clockwork (Ger) - Reborn (2014) [mp3@320] [Groove/Thrash Metal] in Metal 75.26 MB
Download English Trials (USA) - This Ruined World (2015) [mp3@320] [Groove/Thrash Metal] in Metal 106.45 MB
Download English Space Chaser (Ger) - Watch The Skies (2014) & Decapitron (EP 2013) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 136.34 MB
Download English Symphony.X.-.Discography.(1994.-.2011) 320k ak in Metal 1.89 GB
Download English MTV2 Headbangers Ball Volume 2 320 ak in Metal 355.55 MB
Download English Shooting Star - Into The Night 2015 ak in Metal 67.83 MB
Download English Triptykon (Sui) - Melana Chasmata (Japanese Edition) (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Doom/Death/Black Metal] in Metal 172.77 MB
Download English Conquer Divide - Conquer Divide (2015) l Audio l Album Track l 320Kbps l CBR l Mp3 l sn3h1t87 in Metal 102.45 MB
Download English Lowheart - Act On Impulse [320Kbps] [2015] [sandokhan] in Metal 103.13 MB
Download English Kataklysm - Of Ghosts And Gods [Deluxe Edition] (2015) l Audio l Album Track l CD Rip l VBR l Mp3 l sn3h1t87 in Metal 134.45 MB
Download Kataklysm - Of Ghosts And Gods (2015) ak in Metal 135.44 MB
Download English Gus G- Brand New Revolution (2015)ak in Metal 103.31 MB
Download English Freedom Hawk - Holding On - 2011 ak in Metal 119.58 MB
Download English Redeemed In Pain (Ger) - Dead Ænd Decisions (2015) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Death Metal] in Metal 78.62 MB
Download English Skeptor (USA) - United We Stand...Together We Fall (2014) [mp3@320] [Speed/Thrash Metal] in Metal 91.93 MB
Download English Contorsion (Sui) - Planet Parasite (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 100.56 MB
Download English The Order Of Chaos (Can) - Apocalypse Moon (2015) [mp3@320] [Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal] in Metal 125.54 MB
Download English Kayser (Swe) - Read Your Enemy (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 108.29 MB
Download English MTV2 Headbangers Ball Vol.1 ak in Metal 204.91 MB
Download English Eradikator - Edge Of Humanity 2015 ak in Metal 104.75 MB
Download English Xenofanes (Swe) - Pissing In The Holy Grail (2015) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Death/ Black Metal] in Metal 144.47 MB
Download English Huron (UK) - The Dead Stay Dead (2015) [mp3@320] [Progressive/Thrash Metal] in Metal 109.94 MB
Download English Antiverse (USA) - Cosmic Horror (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Death Metal] in Metal 85.33 MB
Download English Str8 (Ita) - No More Flames (2015) [mp3@320] [Heavy/Thrash Metal] in Metal 89.27 MB
Download English AC-DC - Live Thunderstruck 2015 ak in Metal 236.80 MB
Download English From Hell (USA) - Ascent From Hell (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Death Metal] in Metal 159.14 MB
Download English Bane Of Bedlam (Aus) - Monument Of Horror (2013) [mp3@192] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 67.54 MB
Download English Internal Conflict (UK) - The Rising Tide (2015) [mp3@320] [Metalcore/Thrash Metal] in Metal 99.30 MB
Download English Metallica - Live Of Puppets (2-CD) 2015 ak in Metal 519.89 MB
Download English Wearing Scars - A Thousand Words 2015 ak in Metal 117.36 MB
Download English Dragon Force - In The Line Of Fire (Live) 2015 a4k in Metal 158.41 MB
Download English Dunkell Reiter (Bra) - Unholy Grave (2014) [mp3@192] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 56.51 MB
Download English Sky Of Calvaria (Ger) - Bestiarium (2015) [mp3@320] [Melodic Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 103.36 MB
Download English Noxim And The Shapers Of Falsehood (USA) - Nothing Is Sacred (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 188.88 MB
Download English Brain Damage (Ger) - Born to Lose...Live to Win (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Power Metal] in Metal 90.05 MB
Download English Raign In Hell (USA) - Farewell To Devotion (2015) [mp3@320] [Hardcore/Thrash Metal] in Metal 77.90 MB
Download English Prometheon (USA) - The Experiment (2014) [mp3@320] [Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 83.86 MB
Download English Lamb of God - VII Sturm Und Drang (Deluxe Version) [Metal] [2015] Album [iTunes Plus M4A AAC] [UJ.rip] in Metal 118.92 MB
Download English Neckbreak Nation (Ndl) - Stroke Of The Devils Hour (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Groove Metal/Metalcore] in Metal 85.03 MB
Download English Gravehill (USA) - Death Curse (2014) [mp3@320] [Death/Black/Thrash Metal] in Metal 83.01 MB
Download English Toxic Waltz (Ger) - Decades Of Pain (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 89.28 MB
Download English Alexander Oden (USA) - Visceral Nemesis (2015) [mp3@320] [Progressive Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 55.23 MB
Download English Polarity Of Life (Cro) - Polarity Of Life (2014) [mp3@320] [Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 82.64 MB
Download English Krinkle (Hun) - Cur (2015) [mp3@320] [Progressive/Thrash Metal] in Metal 82.49 MB
Download English Scared To Death (Ger) - Fatal Destroyer (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 95.48 MB
Download English Fog Of Leprosy (Can) - Untitled Turd (2011) [mp3@320] [Crossover/Thrash Metal] in Metal 79.04 MB
Download English Tabahi (Pak) - Tabahi (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 114.04 MB
Download English Blood Label (Dnk) - Skeletons (2014) [mp3@320] [Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 111.85 MB
Download English Inflikted (Swe) - Inflikted (2013) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 133.02 MB
Download English Ogre Throne (USA) - Arc Of The Hammer (2014) [mp3@320] [Hardcore/Thrash Metal] in Metal 88.74 MB
Download English Bloodride (Fin) - Bloodmachine (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 91.06 MB
Download English Archaize (Aus) - Liberation (2014) [mp3@320] [Groove/Thrash Metal] in Metal 91.97 MB
Download English Re-Armed (Fin) - Rottendam (2014) [mp3@320] [Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 67.66 MB
Download English Volcano (Jpn) - Melt (2015) [mp3@320] [Power/Thrash Metal] in Metal 116.92 MB
Download English Blackened Ritual (UK) - Blackened Ritual (2015) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 97.03 MB
Download Spanish Shot-Gun (Arg) - Equilibrio (2015) [mp3@320] [Technical Thrash Metal] in Metal 81.76 MB
Download English Enfeeble (Ger) - Encapsulate This Moment (2014) [mp3@320] [Melodic Thrash Metal/Metalcore] in Metal 122.78 MB
Download English Discipline X (Fin) - Wasted In Hollywood (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal/Crossover] in Metal 88.18 MB
Download Motorhead - Another Perfect Day [2CD Deluxe Edition] [2006]ak in Metal 287.48 MB
Download English Potential Xero - Genesis [320Kbps] [2015] [sandokhan] in Metal 81.02 MB
Download English Five Finger Death Punch War Is the Answer VBR a4k in Metal 78.46 MB
Download English Merciless Terror (UK) - Vile Extinction (2013) [mp3@320] [Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 78.64 MB
Download Skitarg (Swe) - Tarmageddon (2014) [mp3@320] [Thrash/Black/Death Metal] in Metal 133.12 MB
Download English Rebaelliun (Bra) - Annihilation (2001) [mp3@320] [Death Metal] in Metal 90.52 MB
Download English Netherbound (Bra) - Holy Human Plague (2015) [mp3@320] [Power/Thrash Metal] in Metal 134.37 MB
Download English Warchest (Chl) - Downfall (2015) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 82.80 MB
Download English Rebaelliun (Bra) - Burn The Promised Land (1999) [mp3@320] [Death Metal] in Metal 99.24 MB
Download English Divine Eve (USA) - Upon These Ashes Scorn The World (Compilation) (2007) [mp3@256] [Doom/Death Metal] in Metal 118.73 MB
Download English AC/DC - Live Thunderstruck 2015 ak in Metal 236.80 MB
Download English System Overthrow (Ndl) - System Overthrow (2015) [mp3@320] [Thrash Metal] in Metal 64.77 MB
Download English Solomonic Demons (USA) - Firestorm (2015) [mp3@320] [Heavy/Thrash Metal] in Metal 68.85 MB
Download English Disturbed - Live Forever (EP) 2015 a4k in Metal 25.90 MB
Download English ShrednekK (Swe) - The Suicide Tribe (2014) [mp3@320] [Melodic Death/Thrash Metal] in Metal 119.65 MB
Download English Primal Waters (USA) - Dichotomy (2014) [mp3@320] [Heavy/Thrash Metal] in Metal 123.02 MB
Download English Trivium - Silence In the Snow [Metal] Pre-Order Single 2015 [iTunes Plus M4A AAC] [UJ.rip] in Metal 7.40 MB
Download English Black Sabbath - The Best of... 80 - 90 2015 320ak in Metal 225.05 MB
Download English Cattle Decapitation - The Anthropocene Extinction (2015) ak in Metal 94.34 MB
Download English Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin Collection (Deluxe) 2015 320ak in Metal 453.56 MB
Download English Krisiun - Forged In Fury [Metal] (2015) (mp3) in Metal 119.07 MB
Download English Nitritt - Slumber [320Kbps] [2015] [sandokhan] in Metal 114.45 MB
Download English Synthetic Soul - Straight From The Heart [320Kbps] [2015] [sandokhan] in Metal 120.11 MB
Download English Krisiun-Forged in Fury 2015 ak in Metal 119.07 MB
Download English LoReley - Here We Are Again [320Kbps] [2015] [sandokhan] in Metal 97.34 MB