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Download English Black Veil Brides– Wretched and Divine The Story of the Wild Ones- (Deluxe Edition)- 2013- NewMp3Club in Hardcore 118.48 MB
Download English Heavenly Hardcore - 1992 [CBR-320kbps] in Hardcore 175.28 MB
Download English Nasty - Love (2013) By TriZy in Hardcore 47.85 MB
Download hardcore in Hardcore 139.78 MB
Download Dj Mike-E Hardcore Epitome Vol. 1.mp3 in Hardcore 113.24 MB
Download English Nirvana in Hardcore 80.71 MB
Download English CLUBLAND XTREME HARDCORE 9 (REQ) snotlob in Hardcore 529.96 MB
Download English Queensryche- Frequency Unknown- (Deluxe Edition)- [2013]- NewMp3Club in Hardcore 147.71 MB
Download English Deep Purple– Now What!- (Deluxe Edition)- [2013]- NewMp3Club in Hardcore 137.85 MB
Download Dutch Harderstyles z Presents: Masters of Hardcore - The Conquest of Fury 2013 (Sets) in Hardcore 523.75 MB
Download English VA - Hardcore Heroes Top 100 2013 320kbps CBR MP3 [VX] [P2PDL] in Hardcore 354.17 MB
Download Dutch Harderstyles z Presents: Endymion - Make Some Noise EP (2013) in Hardcore 71.10 MB
Download English Regardless Devon Victory in Hardcore 602.81 MB
Download English Tool - Ænema 1996 VBRV0 LTZ in Hardcore 148.12 MB
Download English BoySetsFire - While A Nation Sleeps 2013 Hardcore 320kbps CBR MP3 [VX] [P2PDL] in Hardcore 107.54 MB
Download Harderstyles z Presents: Together We Are Hardcore Festival 2013 (Sets) in Hardcore 1.05 GB
Download English Defeater - Letters Home Mp3[2013] in Hardcore 67.67 MB
Download English Defeater- Letters Home- [2013]- NewMp3Club in Hardcore 81.13 MB
Download A Change Of Pace - An Offer You Cant Refuse [Mp3 160-256 VBR] in Hardcore 61.54 MB
Download Dutch Harderstyles z Presents: Dominator Festival 2013 (Sets) in Hardcore 1.26 GB
Download English Scooter - Jumping All Over The World (PE) [2008] only1joe 320kbsMP3 in Hardcore 2.07 GB
Download English VA-Ibiza_Underground_2013-WEB-2013-CopyCAT in Hardcore 190.02 MB
Download English VA-I_Like_Kamasutra_Vol_2-WEB-2013-CopyCAT in Hardcore 170.08 MB
Download English VA_-_Bravo_Hits_2.2013-2CD-2013 in Hardcore 245.15 MB
Download Eyes Set To Kill - Mask - 2013 [_aizu_] in Hardcore 104.70 MB
Download English Dance Gavin Dance - Acceptance Speech [2013] 320 in Hardcore 102.54 MB
Download English I See Stars - New Demons [2013] 320 in Hardcore 116.55 MB
Download Kung Fu Vampire - Love Bites[Hardcore]MP3(320KBPS){Chaneke} in Hardcore 116.12 MB
Download English dj quick happy hardcore mix october 2013 in Hardcore 86.03 MB
Download English VA - Happy Hardcore Top 50 Best Ever [Hardcore] - 2013 (MP3) [1of2CD] - [wAx] in Hardcore 140.49 MB
Download DJ QUICK HAPPY HARDCORE MIX ROUND 2 in Hardcore 65.45 MB
Download English VA - Happy Hardcore Top 50 Best Ever [Hardcore] - 2013 (MP3) [2of2CD] - [wAx] in Hardcore 136.70 MB
Download Killa Capone - Manson(MP3)Horrorcore128KBPS{Chaneke} in Hardcore 115.65 MB
Download English Sicfux- Wicked Leaks Vol.2[320KBPS]Hardcore{Chaneke} in Hardcore 124.45 MB
Download English A Day To Remember - Common Courtesy 2013 320kbps CBR MP3 [VX] [P2PDL] in Hardcore 146.90 MB
Download English Beast [Explicit] Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard - sum1_here in Hardcore 75.10 MB
Download VA--Live_Dreamscape_22nd_Anniversary_23-11-13_7CD-2013-PLUR in Hardcore 951.32 MB
Download English VA--Live_Dreamscape_22nd_Anniversary_Totally_Ardcore_23-11-13_2CD-2013-PLUR in Hardcore 274.95 MB
Download English VA--Kyle_Wytchwood_Hardcore_Heaven_Awards_Breakthrough_UK-Hardcore_Mix_Dec_2013-PLUR in Hardcore 112.71 MB
Download English the wait is over UPRISING VS RAVERS REUNITED HALLOWEEN FANCY DRESS BALL in Hardcore 569.41 MB
Download English DEKA DANCE VIII 11-09-2004 @ DONNY DOME in Hardcore 168.75 MB
Download English Above This Complete Discography + Singles in Hardcore 259.48 MB
Download English Woe, Is Me- Complete Discography in Hardcore 183.60 MB
Download Downsiid- The Evolution of Ghetto Rock + When Doves Cry Cover in Hardcore 100.92 MB
Download Counterparts - The Difference Between Hell And Home (Mp3 @256kbps) LittleFairyRG [Tinker] in Hardcore 71.27 MB
Download Harms Way - Blinded (Mp3 @320kbps) LittleFairyRG [Tinker] in Hardcore 50.03 MB
Download Harms Way - Isolation (Mp3 @320kbps) LittleFairyRG [Tinker] in Hardcore 74.48 MB
Download Omissions - Great Going Forth (Mp3 @256kbps) LittleFairyRG [Tinker] in Hardcore 41.66 MB
Download Withing our Reach - Griever (M4A @256kbps) LittleFairyRG [Tinker] in Hardcore 36.52 MB
Download Forfeit - The Lower Depths (Mp3 @198kbps) LittleFairyRG [Tinker] in Hardcore 30.35 MB
Download Lionheart - Welcome To West Coast (M4A @256kbps) LittleFairyRG [Tinker] in Hardcore 31.91 MB
Download Thunderdome I - XXI in Hardcore 4.28 GB
Download Bonkers in Hardcore 4.37 GB
Download English Memphis May Fire • Unconditional [2014] WEB in Hardcore 87.27 MB
Download SCOTT BROWN (10 Years of HARDCORE Vol 2) in Hardcore 207.05 MB
Download English Kublai Khan - Balancing Survival & Happines [2014][MP3 128][TX] in Hardcore 21.64 MB
Download English Being As An Ocean • How We Both Wondrously Perish [2014] 320 in Hardcore 90.35 MB
Download English For All Those Sleeping • Incomplete Me [2014] VØ • CD in Hardcore 93.56 MB
Download Masters of IDM Music vol 2 (2013) in Hardcore 76.75 MB
Download Harderstyles z Presents: Masters of Hardcore - Empire of Eternity 2014 (Sets) in Hardcore 839.61 MB
Download Harderstyles z Presents: Dominator Festival 2014 (Sets) in Hardcore 968.60 MB
Download English VA • Armada Sunset[2CD][2014] wAx [TX] in Hardcore 262.77 MB
Download English For The Fallen Dreams • Heavy Hearts [2014] 320 in Hardcore 95.56 MB
Download VA_-_This_Is_Frenchcore_Vol.3_(Exorcism)-(PHKCD005)-WEB-2014-SOB in Hardcore 164.29 MB
Download Dr._Peacock_-_Frenchcore_Revolution-(TITCD017)-WEB-2014-SOB in Hardcore 331.00 MB
Download VA_-_Zombie_Cl ers-(DSR007)-WEB-2014-SOB_INT in Hardcore 55.00 MB
Download English How Quickly I ComeOn Down in Hardcore 6.74 MB
Download VA-Dominator_2014-Metropolis_Of_Massacre-(CLDM2014019)-2CD-2014-hM in Hardcore 267.83 MB
Download English Deep Purple - Coverdale & Hughes Hits in Hardcore 831.17 MB
Download English Climates - Body Clocks (2014) in Hardcore 79.07 MB
Download English La Dispute • Rooms Of The House [2014] WEB in Hardcore 78.35 MB
Download English Nickelback - No Fixed Address {MP3-2014} in Hardcore 102.49 MB
Download English Golden Hits Disco 80-90 in the DJ treatment in Hardcore 705.69 MB
Download English Comeback Kid • Die Knowing [2014] in Hardcore 67.49 MB
Download English Dougal & Gammer • First Order[2014][4CD][V0][TX] in Hardcore 540.74 MB
Download English To The Wind - Empty Eyes - 2013 - 320MP3 in Hardcore 66.01 MB
Download English To The Wind - Block Out The Sun & Sleep - 2014 - 320MP3 in Hardcore 68.00 MB
Download English VA_-_Hardcore_Top_100_Best_Of_2014-WEB-2014-HB in Hardcore 1.43 GB
Download English VA_-_Thunderdome_The_Golden_Series-WEB-2014-HB in Hardcore 1.33 GB
Download English VA-Hardstyle_Disco_Vol_1-ADM001-WEB-2015-PITY in Hardcore 309.50 MB
Download English VA-This_Is_Hardcore-Rebellious-(TIH002)-2CD-2014-hM in Hardcore 193.89 MB
Download English VA_-_HARDCORE_MEGAMIX_2015.1-2CD-2015-MOD in Hardcore 271.43 MB
Download English XSPONGEXCOREX - Bold And Thrash (EP) [2015] l Audio l Album Track l 320Kbps l Mp3 l sn3h1t87 in Hardcore 21.29 MB
Download English Defender - We Dont Remember Days, We Remember Moments [Post-Hardcore] - 2015 (MP3) in Hardcore 47.46 MB
Download English Evidence The Lost - Local Schizophrenia [Deathcore]- 2014 (MP3) in Hardcore 90.98 MB
Download English Daybreak - Empty Earth [Deathcore] - 2014 (MP3) in Hardcore 56.99 MB
Download English Come The Dawn - Light Of The World [Post-Hardcore] - 2014 (MP3) in Hardcore 103.68 MB
Download English Cancer Bats - Searching For Zero [Post-Hardcore] - 2015 (MP3) in Hardcore 77.33 MB
Download English Chelsea Grin - Chelsea Grin EP Re-Release [Deathcore] - 2015 (MP3) in Hardcore 42.15 MB
Download English Gamma Pulse - Dead But Dreaming [Post-Hardcore] - 2015 (MP3) in Hardcore 105.56 MB
Download English Made Of Remains - May This Last [Hardcore] - 2015 (MP3) in Hardcore 43.27 MB
Download English Cast From Perfection - Scapegoat [Deathcore] - 2014 (MP3) in Hardcore 76.37 MB
Download English Crown The Empire - The Resistance Rise of the Runaways [Post-Hardcore] - 2014 (MP3) in Hardcore 118.96 MB
Download English Crown The Empire - The Fallout (Deluxe Reissue) [Post-Hardcore] - 2013 (MP3) in Hardcore 153.89 MB
Download English VA_-_Hardcore_Convention_2015-2CD-2015-SRG in Hardcore 280.34 MB
Download English Chabtan - Eleven [Deathcore] - 2013 (MP3) in Hardcore 62.74 MB
Download English Eskimo Callboy - Crystals [Post-Hardcore] - 2015 (MP3) in Hardcore 91.32 MB
Download English AngelMaker - Dissentient [Deathcore] - 2015 (MP3) in Hardcore 88.97 MB
Download English Architects Of Evolution - Global [Deathcore] - 2015 (MP3) in Hardcore 124.55 MB
Download English VA-Hardstyle_Monster_Anthems_Vol_3_(100_Percent_Ultimate_Master_Flavoured_with_Dance)-WEB-2015-PITY in Hardcore 189.36 MB
Download English Disclaimer - Force Fed [Deathcore] - 2015 (MP3) in Hardcore 36.57 MB
Download English Withering - Withering [Deathcore] - 2015 (MP3) in Hardcore 39.48 MB
Download English Captivator - Finite [Deathcore] - 2015 (MP3) in Hardcore 34.88 MB
Download English A Glimpse Of Utopia - Eviscerate [Deathcore] - 2015 (MP3) in Hardcore 46.44 MB
Download English The Last Of Our Kind - A Diamond In The Rough [Post-Hardcore] - 2012 (MP3) in Hardcore 80.72 MB
Download English The Bad Chapter - Cheers To The Down And Outs [2015][CBR][MP3 ][320KBps] - GloDLS in Hardcore 100.06 MB
Download English VA-Happy_Hardcore-2CD-2015-MTC in Hardcore 266.84 MB
Download English VA_-_Hardshock_2015_(Mixed_By_Ruffneck_and_Chrono)-WEB-2015-HB in Hardcore 816.34 MB
Download English Issues - Diamond Dreams [Post Hardcore] - 2014 (MP3) in Hardcore 64.30 MB
Download English VA-Hardshock_Festival__Mixed_By_Ruffneck_and_Chrono-(T3RDM0237)-2CD-2015-hM in Hardcore 233.08 MB
Download English VA_-_Hardcore_Top_200_Vol.3-4CD-2015-MOD in Hardcore 562.87 MB
Download English VA-Hard_and_Dark_2015_Volume_3_(The_Best_Collection_of_Hardstyle)-HDN042-WEB-2015-PITY in Hardcore 227.37 MB
Download English VA_-_Masters_Of_Hardcore_Chapter_XXXVII_20_Years_Of_Rebellion-3CD-2015-DDS in Hardcore 410.60 MB
Download English Cavalcades – Lights Begin to Dance (2015) l Audio l Album Track l 320Kbps l CBR l Mp3 l sn3h1t87 in Hardcore 86.91 MB
Download English VA_-_Ultimate_Hardstyle_Vol.1-2CD-2015-MST in Hardcore 254.15 MB
Download English Prince - 1999 [FLAC] in Hardcore 415.08 MB
Download English Prince - Dirty Mind [Mp3 320] TNT Village in Hardcore 69.30 MB
Download English Prince - Dirty Mind [FLAC] in Hardcore 170.05 MB
Download English VA-Loving_Devotion-A_This_Charming_Man_Records_Compilation-2015-SDR in Hardcore 144.37 MB
Download English VA_-_Noisekicks_Terrordrang-(NKR008)-WEB-2014-SOB in Hardcore 85.95 MB
Download English VA_-_This_Is_Hardcore_(Operation_TiH)-(TIH003)-WEB-2015-SOB_INT in Hardcore 205.03 MB
Download English VA-Captain_Furious_Bass_2015_(Mixed_by_Jacky_Core)-KYTEZO062-WEB-2015-PITY in Hardcore 379.45 MB
Download English Hardcore Frenchcore Terror - Ear Raping Mix in Hardcore 76.69 MB
Download English VA-Whatever_Nevermind_A_Tribute_To_Nirvanas_Nevermind-WEB-2015-SDR in Hardcore 131.83 MB
Download English VA_-_Next_Generation_Classics_(Mixed_By_Eufeion)-SBD-2015-SOB_INT in Hardcore 106.44 MB
Download English VA-The_Best_Of_KFA_Vol_1_(Mixed_By_DJ_Saiyan)-KFLP16-WEB-2015-PITY in Hardcore 344.96 MB
Download English VA_-_diGiGM_Re-Visits_001-(DENGDENG003)-WEB-2015-SOB in Hardcore 102.07 MB
Download English VA_-_Ferocious-(BRU004)-WEB-2015-SRG in Hardcore 74.19 MB
Download English VA_-_Under_Craw-(JSHEX002)-WEB-2015-SOB in Hardcore 133.13 MB
Download English VA_-_Hardcore_Is_Leven_EP-(PRR011B)-WEB-2015-SOB in Hardcore 85.65 MB
Download English VA-Foolish_Vol_1_(Mixed_By_DJ_Paul_Elstak_And_Dr_Phunk)-2CD-2015-wAx in Hardcore 264.91 MB
Download English Tech N9ne – Special Effects (Deluxe Version) [2015] l Audio l Album Track l iTunes Rip l 260kbps l VBR l M4A l sn3h1t87 in Hardcore 176.43 MB
Download English VA_-_Project_Hardcore_PH14-WEB-2014-HB in Hardcore 682.63 MB
Download English Adept.2013.SILENCE THE WORLD.[Mp3].320Kbps.-CALLIXTUS in Hardcore 94.25 MB
Download English VA-Chill_Tip_2015_Remixes-HBA006-WEB-2015-PITY in Hardcore 97.33 MB
Download English VA_-_This_Is_Frenchcore_4_Death_Valley-(PHKCD008)-WEB-2015-SOB in Hardcore 192.67 MB
Download Russian VA_-_XIV_Xclusive_Industrial_Variations-(DTN026)-WEB-RU-2015-SOB_INT in Hardcore 174.45 MB
Download English VA_-_Trigger_Hardcore_(Mixed_By_DJ_BUG_and_M-Project)-(XHCD002)-WEB-2015-SOB_INT in Hardcore 103.50 MB
Download English VA_-_The_Remixes_Volume_2-(TOTAL015)-WEB-2015-SOB_INT in Hardcore 165.20 MB
Download English VA-Evolution_Records_Hardcore_Classics_Vol_1-EVMIX002-WEB-2015-PITY in Hardcore 370.92 MB
Download English VA-Goetia_RMX_Collection_Vol_1-WEB-2015-UKHx in Hardcore 101.55 MB
Download English VA-Darkside_Unleashed__Unleash_The_Beast-Uptempo_Hardcore-(DARKULLP001)-3CD-2015-hM in Hardcore 362.47 MB
Download English VA_-_Lords_Of_Hardcore_Vol.16-2CD-2015-SRG in Hardcore 276.55 MB
Download English Dom Kennedy - By Dom Kennedy (2015) l Audio l Album Track l 320Kbps l CBR l Mp3 l sn3h1t87 in Hardcore 83.54 MB
Download English VA_-_Decikore_Vol_1-(DCKRVA001)-WEB-2015-SOB in Hardcore 224.20 MB
Download English VA-Happy_Hardcore-2CD-FLAC-2015-MTC in Hardcore 1.05 GB
Download English VA-Masters_Of_Hardcore_Chapter_XXXVII-20_Years_Of_Rebellion-CLDM2015005-3CD-FLAC-2015-SPL in Hardcore 1.69 GB
Download English VA-Warehouse_Anthems_Hardstyle_Vol_15-(LWWAHS15)-WEB-2015-UKHx in Hardcore 291.59 MB
Download English Dimino - Old Habits Die Hard (2015) l Audio l Album Track l 320Kbps l CBR l Mp3 l sn3h1t87 in Hardcore 104.70 MB
Download English VA_-_Hard_Generation_Volume_6_(Mixed_By_Loic-D)-2015-DDS in Hardcore 140.36 MB