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Quake done 100% Quickest x264 1080p 60fps torrent

Download torrent: Quake done 100% Quickest x264 1080p 60fps torrent
Category: Categories > Games torrents > Video Demonstrations torrents
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Torrent language: English English
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Uploader: QuakeSDA
Torrent added: 2011-03-13 21:26:49

Torrent Description


'Quake done 100% Quickest' is a run through all of Quake on Nightmare
skill, going through the levels as fast as possible, killing every
single monster and finding every single secret in every single map
of Quake. This is the sequel to the very popular - and outdated -
'Quake done 100% Quicker' which was released way back on the 5th
of January, 2000. Speedrunning has come a looong way since then!


High Quality 60 fps
· 1920x1080 resolution
· 27 Mbps
High Quality 30 fps
· 1920x1080 resolution
· 13.5 Mbps
Normal Quality 60 fps
· 1280x720 resolution
· 12 Mbps
Normal Quality 30 fps
· 1280x720 resolution
· 6 Mbps
Low Quality
· 720x400 resolution
· 3.5 Mbps

All versions were compressed with x264 codec, using 2-pass encoding.


Just a quick explanation of why we say we completed Quake in
48:00. We recorded every demo separately and then connected them
together, adding the times for the four episodes plus the end level.


We recorded each demo separately, on skill 3 (Nightmare), of course
without any cheating. To start with the correct stats we ended the
previous level with, we used a QuakeC patch that allowed us to
select the statistics we started with. There are no weapons in the
higher levels, because you should have them already from previous
ones. And we did it by connecting single demos together because the
final product is a lot more interesting that way and entertaining,
and we could include some very cool tricks that we couldn't do had
we recorded it in one sitting.


Saved times are compared to the predecessor 'Quake done 100% Quicker'
run in 59:31 - http://speeddemosarchive.com/quake/qdq/textfiles/Qd100Qr.txt

Level Map Player Time Saved

Introduction START
The Slipgate Complex E1M1 Arturo Garcia Lasca 1:02 0:11
Castle Of The Damned E1M2 Arturo Garcia Lasca 1:03 0:09
The Necropolis E1M3 Thomas Stubgaard 1:42 0:20
The Grisly Grotto E1M4 Arturo Garcia Lasca 1:29 0:36
Ziggurat Vertigo E1M8 Connor Fitzgerald 0:50 0:22
Gloom Keep E1M5 Arturo Garcia Lasca 1:10 0:22
The Door To Chthon E1M6 Peter Horvath 0:48 0:08
The House Of Chthon E1M7 Mathias Thore 0:21 0:01

Episode 1 - Dimension Of The Doomed 8:25 2:09

Introduction START
The Installation E2M1 Thomas Stubgaard 1:23 0:08
The Ogre Citadel E2M2 Carl Tholin 1:08 0:16
The Crypt Of Decay E2M3 Thomas Stubgaard 1:49 0:30
The Underearth E2M7 Thomas Stubgaard 1:42 0:31
The Ebon Fortress E2M4 Thomas Stubgaard 2:04 0:18
The Wizard's Manse E2M5 Thomas Stubgaard 1:47 0:32
The Dismal Oubliette E2M6 Thomas Stubgaard 2:59 0:36

Episode 2 - The Realm Of Black Magic 12:52 2:51

Introduction START
Termination Central E3M1 Thomas Stubgaard 1:29 0:14
The Vaults Of Zin E3M2 Thomas Stubgaard 1:20 0:09
The Tomb Of Terror E3M3 Thomas Stubgaard 1:18 0:24
Satan's Dark Delight E3M4 Thomas Stubgaard 1:22 0:13
The Haunted Halls E3M7 Thomas Bergendorff 0:51 0:11
The Wind Tunnels E3M5 Thomas Stubgaard 1:32 0:20
The Chambers Of Torment E3M6 Karol Urbanski 1:50 0:18

Episode 3 - The Netherworld 9:42 1:49

Introduction START
The Sewage System E4M1 Peter Horvath 0:58 0:11
The Tower Of Despair E4M2 Peter Horvath 1:17 0:25
The Elder God Shrine E4M3 Thomas Stubgaard 3:45 0:23
The Palace Of Hate E4M4 Thomas Stubgaard 2:37 0:29
Hell's Atrium E4M5 Thomas Stubgaard 2:00 0:21
The Nameless City E4M8 Thomas Stubgaard 2:26 0:17
The Pain Maze E4M6 Jaakko Alakopsa 1:36 0:50
Azure Agony E4M7 Aleksander Osipov 1:27 0:42

Episode 4 - The Elder World 16:06 3:38

Introduction START
Shub-Niggurath's Pit END Thomas Stubgaard 0:55 1:04

Quake done 100% Quickest 48:00 11:31


This project had its origin back in April 2001 when the project page was first set up and the first few demos
were submitted. It originally started as a semi-secret one-man project undertaken by me (Thomas Stubgaard),
and it was meant to be done and out the door fairly quickly. Here, almost 8 years later we can finally put a
lid on the project.

Peter Horvath, who is known as one of the best, if not, THE best, Quake speedrunner of all time, had made some
demos which I deemed too difficult for me to beat at the time. I hadn't evolved much as a speedrunner yet, so
some things were just too wicked for me to attempt. Now, nearly 8 years later as mentioned above, Peter's demos
are STILL included in the project, so perhaps that gives you a clue as to how good he was compared to the rest
of us 'mortal Quake players', or maybe we just sucked a lot more than he did :-)

I only got about a 3rd of the way before the project stalled due to lack of motivation and whatnot. After about
11 year abscence, I picked it up again and I started taking a serious stab at quite a few demos in a short
amount of time, and on February 8th, 2005, we opened up the project for the general public so anyone could
submit demos. Not a lot did though, but some of the few who did ended up making some really good demos which
are included in the final release. It also helped with injecting some new life and renewed motivation into the
project, something which was much needed. It was around this time too, that we released a preview of the project
which we dubbed 'Quake done 100% Quick with a Vengeance Episode 1 Preview'. Only a few of the demos from the
preview ended up in this release.

As I've already mentioned twice, it has taken us nearly 8 years to get this far, and I think the end result
shows just how much effort that has been put into this. I believe this has been the longest running project of
any in all of SDA's glorious lifespan, which dates back exactly three years before this project was started.

If my memory doesn't fail me, e4m3 (a slower demo from February 2001) was the first demo to be submitted to the
project, and e4m6 was the last one. It's a shame we didn't get to finish all the recams in time for the release,
but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. The Quake speedrunning community have seen better days, and only a few
are left to deal with all the technical mumbo jumbo and such, and even less are still around to do recams and
demos of top notch quality. Even fewer still are left to tell the tale of how Quake speedrunning has evolved
since the early days of the QdQ brand to the start of SDA to now, and hopefully this release will spur a little
more interrest into what SDA has laid its foundations on.

By Jozsef:
The project was planned to be released on December 24th, 2008 but this failed to happen. When I showed the QdQst
movie to Thomas which I created a month ago, he asked me if I could turn the 100% version into a movie as well.
It took me about a month to do all the captures and compress them into the 5 versions of the movie.


Aleksander Osipov
Arturo Garcia Lasca
Carl Tholin
Connor Fitzgerald
Karol Urbanski
Mathias Thore
Peter Horvath
Thomas Bergendorff
Thomas Stubgaard
Jaakko Alakopsa


Thomas Stubgaard


Jozsef Szalontai


VirtualDub v1.9.10 by Avery Lee
Vegas Pro v9.0 by Sony Creative Software Inc.
Avidemux v2.5.3 by Mean software
GoldWave v5.57 by GoldWave® Inc.
JoeQuake v0.15DEV (b3003) by Jozsef Szalontai
Demtool by Stefan Schwoon
Demorelise by Anthony Bailey
LMPC by Uwe Girlich
QdQstats by Nolan Pflug


Web: http://speeddemosarchive.com/quake
Contact: quake@speeddemosarchive.com
IRC: #qdq on quakenet

Dedicated to the original Quake done Quick Team:

Nolan Pflug
Yonatan Donner
Mathias Belz
Stefan Schwoon

Thanks for watching this,
December 24th, 2008

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